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With our key base in Pakistan, we provide technology, systems, products, and services for waste management (reduction, recovery, and recycling), industrial effluent treatment, sewage treatment, odor control, bioremediation, and environmental cleanup. In Pakistan, millions of expired harmful chemicals, effluents, emissions are being released from the various industries which pollute our natural resources such as groundwater, marine life, and soil quality.

The improper way of handling and landfilling solid waste polluting groundwater. The release of untreated effluents into the water channel mainly affects marine life, agricultural and human health. The release of harmful emissions into the air with exceeding limits resulting perennial effects on the environment causing global warming as well as the outbreak of contagious diseases among people.

Bringing forward this concept the Green Environment Sustainable solution(GESS) has a professional team that is fully committed to protecting & restoring the environment and ecosystem. The waste will be treated by utilizing the state-of-the-art equipment, technology, innovative methods to minimize waste catastrophe and consequently protecting the environment. Our team shall ensure that the waste is stored, transported, recycled, and disposed of as per the guideline of EPA & meet the country statutory requirements.


Our Mission

Our mission to be the leading provider of Environmental Management Services in Pakistan through the effective management and implementation of state-of-the-art Environmental Technology.


Our Vision

GESS strive to protect the naturalenvironment through a range ofsustainable practices. The vision of GESS is to create a healthysustainable and prosperous future for all, by promoting responsible  management of natural resources and reducing the impacts of climate change .

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Muzafar Hussain

General Manager


JK Sarmad

Operation Manager


Syed Abdul Kareem Shah

Board Member Environment Division


Ahsanullah Abro

QHSE Director


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Dr Rashid

I had the pleasure of working with GESS to manage hospital waste. They provided an excellent service and were very professional throughout the entire process. They handled the collection and disposal of hospital waste safely and efficiently and provided detailed reports on their activities. They also provided training to staff members on proper waste management and provided resources to help us stay compliant with regulations. Overall, I would highly recommend GESS to any hospital looking for a reliable and professional waste management service.

Dr Rashid

Health Manager